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"I recently lost my job at the oil patch and needed some cash boost for everyday life.

Thanks to Title Loans Online I was able to get $11,000 on my truck within the same day using my truck as collateral. I was hesitative about this kind of loan but you guys made it so easy and comfortable. Would recommend to anyone looking to deal with a fast and professional company, thanks guys…"

Maury J, Calgary, AB

"Needed good amount of cash for emergency travel, I phoned my bank only to find out it will take at least 3 days to make an appointment and start the process. Came across Title Loans Online, they offered $7,000 equity loan on my car and were able to deliver on the same day!!! Thank you for working hard to help me when I needed, I am impressed and recommend your quick loan service to anyone needing cash fast."

Jess A., Vaughan, ON

"I am Paul the plumber with the RAM 3500 truck; Was short $8,000 for material on a huge job and phoned title loans online, they are good man providing good loans. My truck fully paid for, got the loan while I keep using the truck for work and I have to make payments for 2 years. Payment are very reasonable – about half of what other companies wanted. The loan money allowed me to finish the project and make nice profit. I would like to say thank you for trusting me when I needed."

Paul R., Saskatoon, SK

"I was refused for a loan with few title loan companies because I had a problem with my insurance. Title loans online agreed to listen and work with me, they paid my insurance and I was able to get the loan.

They will really go above and beyond to help you out when it is so much needed."

Dan H., London, ON

"A recent divorce left a bad mark on my credit so the bank was out of the question. I called title loans online and was able to get approved for a bad credit loan on the same day, the funds were delivered the next morning. You promised a bad credit title loan and you delivered one fast…thank you for your awesome service."

Robin M., Leduc, AB

"Had some cash flow problems and needed money to finish a project. Being self-employed makes it harder to borrow money. I phoned Leo at title loans online and was able to use my van to get $12,000 loan. Service was great, I like the fact of it being an open loan so I can pay back whenever with no penalties.."

Hoang N., Vancouver, BC

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