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Looking for a car title loan, but you are not sure about it? Well, let us put your mind at rest by doing a quick due diligence review on car title loans. When did car title loans become a so popular in Canada? Not before the advent of cars.

The history of car title loans dates back to the 1990's when car title loans were first introduced to the finance world. The advent of car title loans brought about a whole new market that allowed individuals who were Equity rich but Cash poor; did not have access to other investments for various reasons, especially bad credit or no credit. The concept quickly gained popularity because it was a means of getting secured loans, where all the borrower had to do, was to own their vehicle out right with no liens. However, the main reason why car title loans gained popularity and acceptance was it became a market for people with poor credit ratings. Car title loans became the best alternative for people with such bad credit records or those who had no records at all. In other words, it became the best alternative for people with bad credit records who owned cars.

All you had to do then was use your vehicle title as collateral and let the lenders place a lien on the car title, in most cases there would be a visual and basic mechanical inspection. These documents would be presented in exchange for the loan amount. In the eventuality that the loan is repaid, the lien would be removed. However, should there be a default on the payments, the lender is eligible to repossess the car and demand intimidate payout of the loan in order to get it back.

Loan term with Auto Title Loans in Canada vary between short term and long term loans; Some offer open loans that could be paid out anytime with no penalties. The borrower is also allowed to keep driving the vehicle while using it as collateral. The time for acquiring loans is short because a car title loan approval can be obtained in about One hour or sometimes less. The period for obtaining the loan also depends mostly on the amount to be lent.

Over the years, car title loans have also evolved, and innovations have been made to make the process of getting loans even faster. Now we have the advent of the “Auto Title Loans,” which are also known as “Auto Pawn Loans.” They differ from the previous method of obtaining car loans because in this form, the collateral is the vehicle that belongs to the borrower with no liens or restrictions. The auto title loans have also improved the car title loan schemes by providing borrowers with lesser interest rates, and they also have lower credit requirements. Although these loans are generally easy to get, they are also subject to some qualification requirements. The benefits of auto title loans are numerous, as they pose as faster access to cash with less paperwork and considerably lower interest rates. You also get to keep your car until the process is done.

I hope your fears are allayed, as you can now see that “Auto Title Loans,” and “Auto Pawn Loans” might become handy when acess to fast cash is required.

To check how much your vehicle is eligible for please complete this short form and we will get back to you within 2 hours.

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